In order to prove these funds are yours, we will need a copy of a valid Identification. Please see below for acceptable forms.

What are acceptable forms of ID?

Drivers License - (with the extension sticker on the back if this applies)

  • Identification Card - State or Federally Issued
  • Military ID - Please make copy of both front and back
  • All forms of Picture ID must be valid, and not past Expiration Date

Why do we need your ID?

  • Florida law states that each claimant must produce proof of their identity.

What if my name has changed due to Marriage, Divorce or other Legal Proceedings?

If your name has been changed due to Divorce, Marriage or any other means, please provide a copy of the legal documentation changing your name (IE. Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Legal name change Paperwork Etc)

Why do you need proof of my identity if you already have my Name and former address?

Imagine a situation like this... Your name is John Smith. There are thousands and thousands of John Smiths in the world, however each holds a different identity. We have to show to the State that you are the correct John Smith owed these funds. We do not want for your funds to be turned over to another person with your same name, or someone who says they are you.

What happens after I submit my claim?

Once your claim has been submitted, please allow 90 days for processing. After that time, if you still have not received a check or any information, please contact me via Email on the Contact page, and we will research and return an email to you in a timely fashion.

Can I claim the money myself?

Of course you can, however our professional experience allows for a much smoother operation, as we have worked with the State and have been providing these services for in excess of 9 years. We understand the ins and outs of getting your claim forms thru in a timely fashion.

Why is the money with the State, and why didn't the company send it to me?

Per Florida Statute 717, if a company owes another company or individual money, they are required to place this money into the State in an Escrow Fund. These companies can face stiff fines and penalties if this is not adhered to.

The company is required to make an attempt to contact you, and either the check was not cashed, returned, or no contact was made. Because of this, the money is turned over to the State.

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